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Supports All Apple Lighting, Apple Legacy 30-Pin and MicroUSB Devices

InFuse Model
InFuse HD is the leading charging station at InCharged.

The HD model provides full media customization charging 12 devices per unit.
InFuse Standing Model
InFuse Standing HD is a free standing version of the InFuse charging station.

Also provides full media customization charging 12 devices
InVolt Model
InVolt Lite is the smallest lightbox rendition of our charging stations.

15% smaller than our InFuse model charging up to 5 devices.
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InFuse Standing Logo
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Re-Charge Your Brand

Branded Cell Phone Charging Stations To Enhance Your Experiential Marketing

InCharged mobile charging stations provide your customers with the perfect solution to charge their dead mobile devices – and they provide your business with more opportunity to interact with consumers, as well as an additional display advertising revenue stream.

Our cell phone charging stations use leading technology to provide a fast, safe, and energy efficient charge to up to 11 mobile devices at a time while a gorgeous 19” HD screen displays your experiential marketing messages. Quick to set up and effortless to use, our cell phone charging kiosks will be the best investment you make in your business. Learn how InCharged cell phone charging kiosks can work for you.

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USB charging station video player.


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